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I am a wife and a mother but most importantly I am a daughter of the King. Redeemed by His Grace and so very grateful for it.  Through the past 20 years we have walked some hard roads. Many of them difficult by our own doing.  But despite our choices and at times lack of faith – God loved us anyways.  We have seen and continue to experience the riches of His love.

Thus the name for this blog.  I was listening to a worship song from a Women of Faith CD called “Forever Reign”.  The song spoke right to my heart…all of the words just resonated with who I am, and who God is to me.  One of the ways that I feel closest to God is through singing.  He has given me a voice – but more importantly, He has given me a reason to worship Him.  While life isn’t always as I thought I had hoped it would be….we are finding that by trusting in His perfect plan – we experience His riches in our lives time and time again.

I am forever grateful that God has loved me enough to redeem the darkest parts of my life and given me a voice to speak of his grace.  Thank you for coming on this journey with me as we explore all the ways God lavishes us with His riches.

“Forever Reign”

You are good You are good
When there’s nothing good in me
You are love You are love
On display for all to see
You are light You are light
When the darkness closes in
You are hope You are hope
You have covered all my sin

You are peace You are peace
When my fear is crippling
You are true You are true
Even in my wandering
You are joy You are joy
You’re the reason that I sing
You are life You are life
In You death has lost it’s sting

Oh I’m running to Your arms
I’m running to Your arms
The riches of Your love
Will always be enough
Nothing compares to Your embrace
Light of the world forever reign

You are more You are more
Than my words will ever say
You are Lord You are Lord
All creation will proclaim
You are here You are here
In Your presence I’m made whole
You are God You are God
Of all else I’m letting go

My heart will sing
No other Name

5 thoughts on “Just a Little About Me

  1. Jody Lee Collins

    Kristin, we are ‘neighbors’ this week at Jennifer Lee’s place. I’m glad I stopped by. I am grateful for your candor speaking about the trials and challenges you’ve had in your marriage. Mine was rocky for many years and I praise God for my husband’s patience. We decided not to give up, and here we are, 42 years later. It is worth it!
    I’m a member of church worship team and I love the song you mentioned–We always have to run to His arms.
    God bless you in the days ahead, especially sending a child to college. It’s a shock, but it will be a fun chapter.


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